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Old Wounds
Dead Beat Blues


This song is fucking deadly

That new Old Wounds joint

Anonymous asked: If we're married and I really really really love him and we do it missionary can we pretty please have sex??? I heard that might be an edge break once

No absolutely not

You might get pregnant and then we’d have to deal with another straight edge parent forcing their beliefs down that child’s throat instead of allowing them to make their own decisions.

Q: What’s the safest way to ski?
A: Never go skiing.

differential-mathcore asked: If you "claim" edge and define yourself by the term you should at least live by the actual definition which Ian McKaye pretty much created. If you delineate from his definition you can't call it straight edge. You can't say ur male, without a penis.

In the 1930’s a bunch of random people in Jamaica decided that Haile Selassie, the Emperor of Ethiopia, was a blood descendent of Jesus Christ, and should be worshiped as a God.

They started a new pseudo-religious spiritual movement, started dressing different, and forming bands to sing songs about how awesome their new movement was, and the superiority of their way of life. Their movement is called the Rastafari movement.

Part of their movement revolves around smoking a whole shit ton of weed. Likewise, if you don’t smoke a whole shit ton of weed, you’re not living by the actual definition which Haile Selassie pretty much created. If you delineate from his definition you can’t call it Rastafari. Because like you say, you can’t say ur male, without a penis.

Anonymous asked: Who the Fuck made you the king of straight edge?

Well, hundreds of years ago the people elected my great great great great great great grandfather to rule over all the lands, people, and horses, and to raise an army to defend the new kingdom from other kingdoms, a few dragons, and the plague.

Tradition has since dictated that each male descendant in his line was the divine representative of the straight edge god on earth. I don’t know who made that part up, but you can’t argue with tradition.

When he died, I took over, and I’ve been ruling ever since.

Great question though, glad you asked!

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xoceantoastx-deactivated2014091 asked: I like hardcore! You should help me find a new windbreaker. Please?


Is it under your bed?

Check there first and get back to me.

Anonymous asked: Seriously since when is having sex edge break?

Since people that are terrified of sex found out about straight edge

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Anonymous asked: I have many straight edge friends but recently one of them confessed that when he takes his prescription xanax he gets high. He doesn't want to stop taking them because he can't deal with his anxiety without them. Edge break?

Are you concerned that he’s abusing them as a narcotic?

Or are you concerned people might think he’s not xtr00x str8 edge bro?

Because at the end of the day, he can always talk to his doctor about ameliorating his dosage

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Anonymous asked: I'm straight edge and I'm proud of it, but I have a question: If occasionally some friends invited me to liven up a party techno (I'm DJ) I'm breaking the straight edge?

Oh absolutely

Because the only way a DJ can liven up a party is by doing body shots of coke and chugging full bottles of Jack

Or are you one of those “special” DJs that can actually entertain an entire crowd just by your mix?

Because I guess that’s alright.

Anonymous asked: Saw a dude wearing a minor threat hoodie smoking a joint and drinking a beer, should I kick his ass?

True story: Minor Threat wasn’t a straight edge band

None of the members were straight edge because it hadn’t been invented yet

Think about that one for a minute.

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Anonymous asked: Hi, I've recently thought about becoming straight edge. When I say becoming, I mean I've never tried drugs, alcohol or casual sex. Although I have a few questions I couldn't find for sure on the internet that I was confused about if you'd like to answer them? Do you have to be a vegetarian/vegan to be sxe? Is caffine off the list if you're sxe? Can you masturbate being sxe? Thank you, love the blog btw! :D




Hope that helps!

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Anonymous asked: I've been super inactive lately but I saw the Been Trill / HBA RIP pic on your site, what's the story behind it? Did it ever get printed, did you get a warning or something? Greatest shirt I've ever seen

It’s photoshop and they’re friends of a friend,

so we didn’t bother printing it

Print it yourself! It’s fun and easy: Double Feature and Helvetica LT Std Bold fonts