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Anonymous asked: Sworn in sux !!

Which one? The old british Sworn In? Or the new American Sworn In?

Also, thank you for your opinion, but what does this have to do with me?

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lowkeyloqui asked: Fugalugalugaaahh so incredibly excited for dem modern black leggings! Is there a specific time you are releasing them? Because I feel I might have a heart attack if they sell out before I get my buns in some. <3

Of course! They are being released on FRIDAY, April 18th.

Which was LAST Friday - did you get yours?!?!?!?

Dan, SW

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Anonymous asked: If someone accidentally drinks something not knowing it was containing alcohol are they still straight edge?

It depends on whether or not they stop after they find out

or if they order another round

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Anonymous asked: I joined tumblr because of this account

That is horrifying!

Also, why?