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Anonymous asked: I've been following you guys for a bit and one thing I've noticed that you guys do is answer your questions very sarcastically/rudely. I've seen a lot of questions where people want a legitimate answer to most likely educate themselves in straight edge considering so many people are mislead about it, and you guys just act like that person is stupid. I can see why so many people think straight edge is a joke because of so many people with bad attitudes and that bums me out bc I don't have one

There are a lot of people that ask very serious questions, and I answer them privately.

Then I copy and paste them into my own ask box anonymously and write funny responses so that people that are straight edge can get a good chuckle

Also, straight edge is a joke. I’m sorry you’re not in on it.

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Anonymous asked: Are there any shirts planned in colours besides black/white/grey?


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Anonymous asked: Do you know anyone who claimed edge, broke edge and it just goes downhill from there for them? What do you think of those people?

That’s a tough call, because so few of my true close friends are straight edge.

I have known a few people that have gone downhill after they finished being straight edge. Their lives are the same as any alcoholic - it’s the responsibility of their family and the people closest to them to build them up out of it or let them hit rock bottom so they can get treatment

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Anonymous asked: I've been edge my entire life. 23 years. But honestly that Straight Edge handbook is bullshit and people in this community need to stop being neo nazi's about everything..

There’s a handbook?

Like, there’s a legitimate handbook?

Can someone link me to a photo of this supposed thing?

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betrayedbylight asked: Where can i get that ring?

xMADE IN THE USAx Straight Edge on Shopify

chloeremington asked: I'm six months sober today! I'm so excited :D

That rules Chloe!


Dan, SW

Anonymous asked: Is selling drugs an edge break?

Hmm…. tough call

Doesn’t that mean all those guys with the “Kill Your Local Drug Dealer Shirts” are going to come after you?

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