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Anonymous asked: My car is alcohol fueled, am I breaking edge?


Isn’t it obvious?

yeahnototally asked: When you tell people about being edge does that make it "edge-ucation?"


It mostly means standing around being embarrassed about having to answer the question “was there some kind of bad thing in your life that happened to make you this way” and then wondering whether you really want to tell them.

katarinaunedited asked: how come you're selling lighters to straight edge people? just wondered what a straight edge person would need with a lighter lol. thanks

Camping, sterilizing tattoo needles, finishing ropes on construction or fishing job sites, emergency fires if your car breaks down, lighting candles for when that special lady comes over, lighting your fireplace or wood stove in the winter

Also, there’s this commercial that pretty much proves owning a lighter will save your life

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Anonymous asked: what is your opinion on vaporizers?


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fearnograve asked: I'm straight edge & a big fan of death metal. Since it's edge day, I'd like to combine the two. Can you suggest some good straight edge death metal bands, or bands with straight edge members? Thanks!

Don’t know much about death, but I know there’s edge dudes in Maroon and most of the guys in Six of Swords

Maybe someone else can help out

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50000leaguesofthesea asked: Today also marks my 19th month of Straightedge, happy coincidence


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Anonymous asked: Alright so here's what's up. I want to get brotherhood tattooed across my stomach. You know how cm punk has straight edge tattooed on his stomach? Like that. But here's my issue. 1 I'm female, so just want to make sure that it wouldn't be a stupid thing to do. 2 I have really bad stretch marks on my stomach from where I had my baby. Will the stretch marks affect the tattoo and do you think it would be ugly to have stretch marks over my tattoo?

This would probably be something to discuss with a tattoo artist.

Although I don’t know anything about the “brotherhood” issue. I don’t really consider the straight edge community to be a brotherhood because I know so many edge ladies.

Anonymous asked: Do you ever see guys/gals in edge shirts at gigs whilst drinking alcohol?

No, not really.

Usually that’s only at parties, and usually they’re friends with the bands.

Also, lots of edge bands are indiscriminate with who they sell their gear to at shows. So like, if someone REALLY likes their band, they just go right ahead and sell them gear! Can you believe that?!?!?

It’s up to us as guardians of the legacy of Ian Mackaye and Minor Threat to stand outside any shows where edge bands are playing, and to stop and search everyone leaving the show for edge merch and their edge ID card.

If they have edge merch and no ID card, sorry, that merch gets confiscated.

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mikeyedge asked: I hate the maple leafs. Edge break? My 17 years of being edge hinges on this....

I’ve never heard of anyone’s edge break being so dependent on their feelings about specific types of trees.

But if you say so dude.

Maple trees give us syrup. Go hate something else.

Anonymous asked: i know smoking normal hookah would be breaking edge, but what about herbal blends of shisha? are those not straight edge? its just sugarcane and herbs that are in some teas.

Isn’t tobacco a herb?

What’s the difference between smoking “official” cigarettes and herbal cigarettes?

Are you saying we should be allowed to smoke herbal cigarettes?

What about weed? Isn’t weed just a “herbal blend”?

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Anonymous asked: this is from someone who knows pat flynn personally, idk where the hell you heard that ridiculous rumour but he's never broken edge

This is from someone who runs this Tumblr personally


I have no idea what you’re even talking about.