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Anonymous asked: My two new best friends are awesome and I love them but they smoke cigarettes and weed a lot. I want to hang out with them still, but I don't like how focused they are on those two things and how they spend some of the little money they have on them when they don't need to. I considered smoking weed with them for a while but I have now decided to claim edge since I'm about to start college and I just got a well paying job. What should I do? I don't want to lose them but I'm tired of it

I’m sure they’re good people, and the friendship you have is awesome. Is it strong, and is it true friendship as well?

Take this simple test:

1. Go live your life, by your rules

If the friendship survives, it was meant to be

If it doesn’t, you are better off, and obviously awesome enough to make new friends whenever you want.

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Anonymous asked: I need RedBull and sometimes coffee to concentrate whenever I have a test or something important, is it bad? Does that brake my sxe commitment?

You mix coffee into your Red Bull?

That sounds gross

friendlyfascism asked: So obviously there are hardcore straight edge bands, but what straight edge rappers, apart from Hopsin, are there?

I only know SE Frank, YesCONNIE, xCYPHERx, Kidd Swift, Keyoung, and every other rapper we’ve posted on our main site under “Albums”

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lastwordandlessonlearned asked: So I'm in this band with a ton of dudes who are really cool, but they all pretty much smoke weed all the time, and drink on occasion. I don't ask them to stop since they don't ask me to join in, so we keep our boundaries well set. Still it tends to bother me sometimes, what would be a good way to deal with something like that?

You are riding a very fragile line

You have to either hang out with them when they’re smoking

or bounce and risk getting kicked out for not being “down”

Of course, the third option is to realize that a band filled with dudes that smoke weed all the time generally don’t get anywhere or do anything, and bounce now.

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Anonymous asked: YES! Let's go hunt Catholic vampires. Me, you, and all the other Straight Edge kids! lol

Did you watch the Dave Foley bit on transubstantiation?

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Anonymous asked: I don't really care for hard core. Can I still be straight edge if I don't listen to the music?


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aaronhart asked: so i want to commit to the straight edge lifestyle but i have a question do you have to of never drunk smoked or done drugs ever to be straight edge


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Anonymous asked: I want to get involved in hardcore/meet edge people, but I don't know anybody involved or have any friends. is going to shows alone a good or bad way to meet people?

It depends on how bad you are at talking to randoms

When I used to run the merch table for my band, I would start conversations with people by talking about whatever bands were on their t-shirt

Likewise, if you play in a band, you meet EVERYBODY

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Anonymous asked: I've been thinking of becoming straight edge for a while but I still would like to try some things out there with alcohol in, would it be kinda frowned upon if I was straight edge but just tried a little alcohol occasionally just to experience new foods with alcohol in them?

It’s a trap!

Plus all the most attractive people in the world will like you better if you get drunk with them

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Anonymous asked: listening NOFX, edge break?

Don’t they sing that “straight edge” song?

Anonymous asked: Hey man! Do you know any ideas of where I can get some cheap straight edge merch for myself? I'm a dude by the way haha

The big three these days are Clear Minded, Pure Life, and xMade In The USAx

All of their stuff is tons cheaper than ours

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para-olvidar-escribo asked: straight edge kids use sports drinks?

Yes, a lot, every day, everywhere, in plain sight too


Anonymous asked: using snuff tobacco is edgebreaking?


There’s a debate over snuff / chewing tobacco?