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Anonymous asked: Ive been straight edge for about 3 months. I havent had alcohol in 4. Im only 16 and honestly in the short amount of time I feel like a weight has been lifted off of my shoulders now that I've made this commitment.

Wow, that’s rad.

Hell of a journey - good luck !

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Anonymous asked: Hello. I am a pretty small person, so even the small t-shirts are like a dress on me. Will you ever consider getting women's/fitted sizes? If you already have that and I missed it I apologize. I'm just embarrassed to wear the EDGE tank I bought because it looks like an awkward dress on me. :/

Yes that’s on the books for August.

Also msg me off anon and we’ll work something out!

Anonymous asked: Ok so I'm going to college in the fall and I was wondering what I should do about the whole partying thing. I don't wanna drink and smoke but I also don't wanna be that lame kid who doesn't have any social interaction. I'd feel very out of place it I went to party's and didn't smoke or drink

You will feel out of place

So man up and own your individuality

Once you own your personhood, you just interact socially with everyone you meet

The challenge is in owning your sobriety. Get yourself a decent nickname like Sober Steve, or Drug Free Doug. That usually helps.

This is the most ridiculous thing you’ve ever heard of, but life is that ridiculous some times.

Sure beats crying alone in your room for 4 years.

Anonymous asked: Am I breaking edge if I accidentally swallow some listerine mouthwash?


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wreckxy asked: So, I've never been to a bar since I have no interest or reason to go, but now that my friends are turning 18 they want me to come with them. Man, I don't know anything about bars, what would I even drink there ? I'm assuming I could just ask for some Pepsi or something, but I'm guessing I'd get laughed at. Any tips for someone straightedge going to a bar ?

Stick your feet in at some licensed establishments to start

For example, pool halls. They can get drunk, you can shoot pool

Here in Toronto, Spin is a licensed ping pong club

and Snakes and Lattes is a licensed board game facility

Good times

Anonymous asked: I kissed my girlfriend last night while she was drinking a cider Hedge brakes?


All those poor hedges

killemwithdeliciousness asked: A blog dedicated to beer followed me. Edge break?


Yeah, I think so.

Anonymous asked: hi. I was looking into some information on the straight edge lifestyle and how it's about refraining from alcohol, drugs, and cigarettes(tobacco), but I was just wondering if people can smoke nicotine and tobacco free cigarettes that look similar to regular cigarettes

Oh, you mean candy cigarettes?

Oh yeah, those are awesome.

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Anonymous asked: Did Jeremy really shave his beard or am I dreaming?

I just saw a photo of him with Jake from Front Porch Step from the AP Music Awards and he definitely had a beard.

Official verdict:

It’s just dreams.

Sleep it off.

Cuz when you’re sleeping there’s no lonely times.

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Anonymous asked: Lets be pen-pals, Dan <3


PO Box 67529
Dundas Spadina PO
280 Spadina Ave
Toronto, ONM5T 3B8

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Anonymous asked: I really want to go straight edge so I can take better care of my mind and body, but I have no self control! Could you recommend some kind of motivation or inspiration to stand my ground when I'm tempted? (I'm not talking about peer pressure; I've been using alcohol to 'fix' my problems and want to stop so I can manage myself more responsibly and effectively.)

I actually just today read about this thing called MM that’s actually founded on personal responsibility (unlike AA that requires you to declare yourself helpless).

Ugh their website is awful. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t look into it:

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Anonymous asked: I've drank and gotten high in the past, but that was four years ago and I honestly never want to do it again, and at that time I was very depressed. Is it okay to claim straight edge if you haven't been clean your whole life?

If you’re done your recovery, you join a large group of people just like you in the edge community

Good luck!