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Every single goddamn song by Front Porch Step is so good but so bad at the same time UGGHHH


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Anonymous asked: if i don't listen hardcore punk i can be straight edge?

I don’t either we can be straight edge together!

[AUDIO] Injustice: Grief

Injustice are a brand new sludgy deathcore band out of Arizona. They’ve just released their debut Grief, and it’s impressive. From the band:

Trying to get our name out a little bit, just dropped our EP called Grief. Were not a straight edge band, but majority of our members are. One is sober, and of…

[AUDIO] Injustice: Grief was originally published on STRAIGHTEDGEWORLDWIDE - Straight Edge Community News & Clothing - sXe

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[VIDEO] The Acacia Strain: Cauterizer

Vincent Bennett and The Acacia Strain have released a new music video, for the song Cauterizer. It’s the first video off their upcoming Rise Records full length Coma Witch, set for release October 14th. Check out the video below. The band will kick off a headlining tour in support of the new record October 8th…

[VIDEO] The Acacia Strain: Cauterizer was originally published on STRAIGHTEDGEWORLDWIDE - Straight Edge Community News & Clothing - sXe

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yetanotherbrokenteen asked: I have drank alcohol in the past but I have never been drunk and to be honest I never want to and I don't ever want to drink again. So really my question is can I still become straight edge even though I have drank alcohol in the past?


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ace15caat asked: Iis there any SXE communities by bellflower?

If you are referring to the suburb of LA, there should be tons

There are literally 4 million people in LA

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Anonymous asked: for a teenager who is interested in being sxe, what would you prefer? they should try alcohol, tobacco, and things before going sxe?

There’s definitely opinions on both sides

What do you guys think?

Anonymous asked: Is it an edge break if you date someone who isn't straight edge?

Yes, we want you to be single and unhappy for the rest of your life

This makes sense because?